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     We are looking for individuals who want to create and play with our R & D corporate team.  If you would like to be on the team, send me an email at

     Team members will participate in updating the site with current information, be a test group for new coaching programs and submit recommendations and ideas for pilot coaching programs and the web site.  I want this site to be a source of rich, effective and valuable information.

     This is how this page works. You will note the page is divided into two parts.  The first part will tell you what we are currently working on and how you can help.  For example, if you find some great sites that would benefit management teams in corporations, I am currently looking for more sites to add to the corporate free resources page.  You can help us by submitting the addresses of the sites you have found exciting.

     The second part of the page is for you to submit your recommendations, tell us what coaching programs you would like to see, topics for teleclasses and articles of interest.

 Personal Success Systems Current Projects

     We are currently looking for informative sites that would be a benefit to corporations and their management teams. If you have any you would like to submit click here

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